25th Anniversary Spotlight: Record GLA signing

April 27, 2017

In February 2016 immediately following All-Star Weekend (Toronto), NBRPA CEO Arnie Fielkow announced that a landmark Group Licensing Agreement (GLA) with the National Basketball Association was in the works. The terms of the new GLA represented the level of support the NBRPA would receive within its partnership with the NBA. The NBA provides direct financial support to the NBRPA that helps fund new and existing programs and services for its members.
Through the previously existing agreement, the NBRPA realized the following successes:
• Since 2011, membership has doubled from 400 to more than 800.
• Regional chapters have more than doubled in the same period from five to eleven cities.
• The NBRPA has maintained a 95 percent renewal rate.
• Expanded the organization’s charitable focus by activating the NBA’s Legends Care and Jr. NBA missions through the FULL COURT PRESS: PREP FOR SUCCESS touring basketball program that provides mentoring and sports skills to 2000 at –risk youth in the U.S. and aboard.
• Expanded member benefits and programs to ensure a successful transition to life after the court including an annual $200,000 Scholarship Fund to promote former player education and other opportunities that promote alumni business, personal , and civic success.

In July 2016, it was announced that the new GLA will begin in October 2016 and will extend the NBA’s partnership with the NBPRA through 2021. In addition to the GLA’s previous terms, the new agreement involves the following:
• A 60% increase indirect payments to the NBRPA over the previous agreement.
• Continuation of the NBA-NBRPA group licensing program which has provided additional monies in excess of $6 Million the past 3 years. These payments are passed on directly to NBRPA membership.
• An exciting new joint sponsorship selling arrangement between the NBA and NBRPA wherein the NBA and NBRPA share in partnership revenue.

The new GLA reflects the confidence the NBA has in the NBRPA while laying a solid financial foundation for years to come. With increased financial support the NBRPA is able to develop and enhance the programs and benefits offered to its members while executing impactful community events both in the U.S. and abroad. Now more than ever the NBRPA is equipped to assist is retired players like never before in their transition to life after the game. This is due in large part to the support received by the NBA by way of the GLA. The next step for the NBRPA is to continue to expand its reach to more retired players from the NBA, WNBA, ABA and HGT while becoming a valued a resource for them at a much earlier stage in their transition.