Bobby Hunter Gets Serious About Hearing Health Awareness

May 27, 2015

This is the fourth in a four-part series of ‘Hearing Health Month’ feature stories highlighting hearing health as it relates to former professional basketball players. Celebrated during the month of May, EarQ is the presenting partner for the NBRPA’s Hearing Health Month. For more information, please visit the EarQ website.

Clear communication has always been important to basketball Hall-of-Famer Bobby “Zorro” Hunter.

A stand-out member of the Harlem Globetrotters from 1966-1974, Hunter became known for more than just his strong technical skills on the court. His cheerful personality, quick wit, and motivational speaking skills helped him not only entertain countless fans, but inspire many of them to live their best lives.

Currently the co-host of Coach and Hunter on iHeartRadio, Hunter continues to share his unique talents and knowledge with listeners of all ages.

But for Hunter, communicating is more than just a career. It’s a fundamental part of his overall health and happiness; one that he takes very seriously. For three years, Hunter has worked with EarQ and the HearStrong Foundation to promote hearing health awareness to his listeners and fellow NBRPA members—many of whom he says are experiencing hearing loss.

Utilizing his talent and influence, Hunter has helped shine a spotlight on inspirational individuals who have overcome hearing loss to achieve their goals—including young athletes Victoria Bradford and Matt Adams.

“Hearing loss is misunderstood. My father had hearing loss (but not hearing devices) and he just kept talking louder and louder. It throws off the balance of life. You lose contact with the rhythm of your life that you’ve been consistent with.”

After experiencing firsthand the emotional and physical toll untreated hearing loss can have on a person’s life, Hunter is determined to make his hearing health a priority. He receives annual hearing screenings with his local hearing healthcare professional as well as with the EarQ team during annual NBRPA conventions.
“(Actively monitoring my hearing health) makes me appreciate the importance of hearing well."

“This is something I’m recommending to all members to do. There has to be some sort of beacon to help bring (hearing loss) to the conscious level.”
By continuing to help educate others, particularly his teammates and friends, about the importance of choosing to hear better, Hunter hopes to do what he does best—inspire happiness.

About the HearStrong Foundation
The HearStrong Foundation strives to shatter the stigmas surrounding hearing loss and hearing devices by recognizing those who have overcome hearing loss to accomplish their goals. By doing so, HearStrong can inspire the more than 30 million Americans with untreated hearing loss to take control of their overall health by choosing to hear better.
For more information about the foundation, or to nominate a HearStrong Champion, click here.

For more information about the foundation, or to nominate a HearStrong Champion, click here.

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