Brittney Bogues takes after famous father

February 1, 2012

By Stephen Smith

With a 5-foot-3 frame, a 14-year NBA career and an impressive list of movie and television roles, Muggsy Bogues is memorable by many measurements.   It was, however, his gutty, scrappy play on the basketball court that established Bogues as a lasting NBA icon.   It appears these enviable traits may be genetic.  Brittney Bogues, the 24 year old daughter of Muggsy, has taken the same drive for success that powered her father and applied it to her career as CEO of “All In PR.”

Dealing in public relations seemed a perfect fit for a daughter of a sports figure as well known as Muggsy Bogues.  Brittney Bogues learned a great deal about the world of PR from being around her famous father and now she is returning the favor by taking him on as a client.

“Since retiring from the NBA I have been working constantly on raising awareness for my brand and ventures,” Muggsy Bogues said. “By doing so, I've been fortunate enough to have a daughter in the field who was starting her own company —‘All In PR’ – and that made it a no-brainer in partnering with a bright, young, innovative mind who has the drive and determination to make her clients and company a true success."

Brittney Bogues describes dad as her biggest supporter. As to any concerns about mixing family and business, Brittney says that their working together “only made our relationship better.”

Though Brittney Bogues is a recent graduate of Wake Forest – her father’s alma mater – “All In PR” has already been in the midst of several impressive projects.  The firm recently partnered Muggsy Bogues with apparel company No Mas to create a line of inspirational t-shirts celebrating Bogues personal motto’s, including “Always Believe” and “You’re never too small to ball.”  The collaborative effort launched this year and the t-shirts sold-out so quickly that No Mas will soon be producing and releasing more of the Muggsy-themed apparel.

Brittney Bogues also engaged in a productive boxing venture, by partnering with Swanson Communications.  Bogues worked with Leonard Elerbee, the manager of champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. to promote the 2009 HBO pay-per-view fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez.   The venture was a financial blockbuster, as the fight drew more than a million HBO pay-per-view purchases.

“Different sports, same philosophy,” Brittney Bogues said when asked about moving from basketball PR to boxing. “To keep the image out there and generate buzz constantly is the objective.”

Brittney Bogues recently launched a new web site that tells the story of “All in PR” and its niche in the digital world. The newly launched website describes the company as a “24/7 Digital Media powerhouse,” with Brittney Bogues focused on the utilization of Twitter and Facebook as connectivity tools between clients and the public.

Has Brittney been successful in introducing this new age social media to her old school father?  Brittney Bogues says that Muggsy has recently created a Twitter and Facebook account, and – though reluctant at first – he has started to love the open line of communication Twitter and Facebook provide to his fans.  And as for Brittney, her “must-follows” are Chris Paul, a fellow Wake alum, and Steph Curry, whose Twitter account is a constant source of entertainment.

"It is such a dream come true, having a child who has grown and now is travelling down similar avenues that I was able to experience myself,” Muggsy Bogues said. “Going to the same university, having passion for helping others within the community and a career choice in the same arena allowing us to achieve success together. I’m just really proud of her."

Brittney Bogues says “All In PR” is always on the lookout for clients who might be a good fit. The firm is always open and ready to discuss opportunities for partnership with the firm. Potential clients should contact Brittney Bogues directly at