Suite Sales Executive – Houston Rockets (Houston, TX)

TYPE: Full-time/Exempt
POSTING DATE: December 6, 2011
REPORTS TO: Manager of Suite Sales

ESSENTIAL DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to

  • Develop leads and presentations for the sale and negotiation of long-term suite sales.
    • Develop target list of businesses and arrange meetings to view suites. Serve as interface with ticket sales and corporate sponsorship departments to generate leads and maximize revenue potential.
    • Assist in the development of collateral sales materials and conduct sales presentations; when necessary and as directed, assist the director and vice president of premium sales with presentations.
    • Manage pre-event and event day interface with Levy Restaurants to deliver agreed upon F&B needs.
    • Promote and generate new business for various banquet & club spaces.
    • Collaborate with event coordinators to generate event costs.
    • Issue and secure contracts, deposits, insurance, etc.
  • Department inventory and event management.
    • Take ownership and management of additional areas, i.e. liaison to departmental groups within Rockets organization and outside organizations/areas, as assigned
    • Assist wherever necessary to further market and promote Team and suite partners
    • Provide unprecedented customer service and superior level of productivity and responsiveness
    • Liaison responsibilities: Monthly Admin Events (with Levy), Manage/Create/Maintain Suite Recap Decks, Handle all electronic contract files, Track Aging Report for weekly updates


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Minimum 2 years sales experience
  • Must be detail-oriented and organized
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and follow through on project outline or strategies
  • Must have high level of decision making and accountability
  • Ability to multitask effectively
  • Communicate (both written & verbal) in a concise and effective manner
  • Must be able to understand partners’ objectives and look for ways to associate with the Team’s assets
  • Must be able to interact and manage staff and business associates in order to implement events, promotions and other related activities
  • Must be able to identify and address issues or problems which may arise during relationship/partnership
  • Candidate must have previous experience in the area of sponsorship or sales
  • Must be comfortable in negotiating and selling premium inventory as well as managing collections
  • Must be customer service and relationship building oriented
  • Must demonstrate high standard of excellence
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Power Point, PhotoShop or Graphic Design experience appreciated.

The ideal candidate must be a qualified salesperson with proven sales experience, self-motivational skills, and the ability to create a business sales game plan to sell these high-end hospitality products over an extended period of time. The successful candidate is organized, enthusiastic, focused and enjoys selling to corporate leaders. A previous background in ticket sales, corporate sponsorship sales, or marketing is appropriate. A strong familiarity and previous sales to business leaders in the community is a positive factor.

Individuals that exhibit our ONE TEAM PHILOSOPHY of PASSION, ACCOUNTABILITY, CUSTOMER FOCUS, TEAMWORK are welcome to apply!

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

  1. Yes/No I am able to work days, nights, and weekends.
  2. Yes/No I have local housing in Houston.
  3. Yes/No I have a previous background in ticket sales, corporate sponsorship sales, or marketing.

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