Cedric Ceballos supports Hearing Health Month

October 5, 2016

This is the first in a four-part series of 'Hearing Health Month' feature stories highlighting hearing health as it relates to former professional basketball players. Celebrated during the month of October, EarQ is the presenting partner for the NBRPA’s Hearing Health Month. For more information, please visit the EarQ website.

Former NBA All-Star and 1992 slam dunk champion, Cedric Ceballos briefly chatted about the importance of healthy hearing and his involvement as an ambassador to bring awareness to the silent epidemic.

What inspired you to become an advocate for healthy hearing? I am known as a basketball player but I'm also a DJ so that’s a huge factor when it comes to music, listening to music and DJing so that’s what really got me involved with it. The technology of headphones and sound systems these days are so loud and being in nightclubs and concerts that your ears are ringing afterwards. I started out trying to protect my hearing because I didn't want to have hearing loss after years and years of being around loud music and loud headphones.

Talk about your involvement in helping to combat the misconceptions of hearing loss as an ambassador for the HearStrong Foundation which aims to shatter social stigmas and radically challenge the general perception of hearing in our society. I got started a few years back when I had the opportunity to make an appearance to hand out free hearing aids. After listening to the campaign about what they wanted to accomplish and then reading the numbers on how many suffer from hearing loss or not even aware that their hearing has decreased over the years, it's just a great opportunity to help out and use my personality and voice to bring awareness. Everyone is involved with healthcare these days and making sure to get your checkups but sometimes you forget about your hearing because you either ignore it or you really don't know.

What are some of the lessons you learned from becoming an advocate from healthy hearing? I've taken away and actually enhanced a lot of things since becoming involved such as the different techniques that you can do to make sure that your hearing is stabilized especially when around loud music and headphones. You know just making sure your ear is not directly pointed towards speakers has helped a lot with the post-party ear ringing, even into the next day.

How has becoming a healthy hearing ambassador impacted you? The opportunities I have to try and help other people, especially the elderly who are experiencing hearing loss. My parents are involved with that now and I'm trying to help them. When it's [hearing] something you've been doing all your life along with your eyesight, feeling and touching and other senses - it's real difficult to try and pinpoint it and put yourself in a situation where you can either enhance it or help it along and as an ambassador I am able to do so.

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