August 26, 2013

Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Grants Financial Aid to Students for Continued Education

A flagship program for the NBRPA’s Legends Care philanthropic arm, the Dave DeBusschere NBRPA Scholarship Fund was established in 1992. Dedicated to providing opportunities for higher learning, this program awards college scholarship dollars to former professional basketball players, their children, and grandchildren to help meet the rising costs of higher education. Through the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund, the NBRPA has donated more than $1 million in scholarship money to former players and their children.This week, the NBRPA has awarded its annual scholarship to 28 students to be applied towards furthering their academic careers. Here are the 2013-2014 Dave DeBusschere Scholarship recipients:

Savanah Bennett

Cal State Monterey Bay

"With this scholarship I plan to pay for my room and board on campus. Pay for books needed for my classes along with other school supplies such as notebooks and pencils. I also plan to put some of the money toward my school year abroad in Germany."

Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje

Georgetown University

"I am grateful for the existence of the DeBusschere scholarship and thankful for the funds I was awarded. As I embark in my graduate studies, the funds will help pay a portion of my tuition and help me focus more on my studies."

Andrea Brown

University of Nevada-Reno

"I give great thanks to the NBRPA Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Program for rewarding me with a scholarship that will help me continue my study towards becoming a journalism major. This scholarship will allow me to truly focus on my studies as well as allow me to take more classes in order to graduate earlier. Again, thank you for the selection."

Aharown Campbell

Liberty University

"I am so thankful that I was selected for this scholarship that has helped many other aspiring students before me to get even closer to their goals. Being the son of an NBA great, I have always been aware of the need and importance of tenacity and work ethic to be successful in both realms of school and sport. As a recipient of this scholarship, I intend to buy books, a calculator, and cover any expenses demanded by my government major, which I intend to follow up with law school. Again I would like to thank the National Basketball Retired Players Association for this honor."

LaKeisha Colter

Howard University

"I'd like to thank the committee for their support throughout my entire college career. This scholarship will be used to cover the costs of tuition, fees, as well as travel expenses. I am, again, forever grateful to you all."

Stephanie Colter

Argosy University

 "I am extremely appreciative of the committee's  support throughout my undergraduate college career. I am also extremely thankful in the assistant to help me continue you on to Graduate School.  This scholarship will continue to be used to cover the costs of tuition, fees, as well as travel expenses. I am, again, extremely appreciative and grateful to you all." 

Michael Glenn

Georgia Gwinnett College

"I plan to use this scholarship for tuition, fees, and books for my classes. This scholarship will also be used for school supplies such as calculators, binders, pencils, and paper. Once again I must express my gratitude in receiving the NBRPA Dave DeBusschere Scholarship, it is greatly appreciated."

Alexys George

Clark Atlanta University

“Thank you to the NBRPA Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Committee for your assistance in continuing my education at Clark Atlanta University. This scholarship award will assist me in reaching my goal for a successful future.”

Damon Jones

College of Southern Idaho

"I plan to utilize this scholarship by helping pay for my books as well as the cost of tuition. With this scholarship, it really helped take a financial burden off both me and my parents. I am so very grateful for this opportunity and plan to use the scholarship in the most responsible manner.  Thank you so much for this gift."

Taylor Kite

Brigham Young University

"I plan to continue studying and getting the grades that I need to better myself, prepare to be able to provide for a family, and be a service-minded individual in society. It's through these small things that I will be an asset to my country and society as a whole." 

McKenzie Kite Stock

Metropolitan Community College

"The Dave DeBusschere Scholarship has been such a great blessings for my siblings and I. It has helped me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse and to hopefully be able to help others in the future. As an expectant mother and wife of a cancer patient, the financial support has greatly reduced the stress that comes with attending college. Without this scholarship it would be much more difficult to accomplish my educational goals."

Mollie Kite

Brigham Young University-Hawaii

"With this scholarship I hope to further my education and to ensure a bright and successful future for myself. I have a lot to offer the world and would like to become a productive and hardworking citizen in society. With the help of this scholarship, I can more easily achieve these goals and would be grateful for the opportunity to do so."

Mason Kite

Brigham Young University-Hawaii 

"Receiving this scholarship will help me better my education to get my dream job.  Thank you for this opportunity to grow as a young woman and to become the young lady I hope to be."

Melissa Kite

Provo College

"I plan to use the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship to further my education in the field of Physical Therapy and help others recover from injury, illness and improve their quality of life."

Amanda Leavell

Princeton University

"I am so very grateful for the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship and will be able to use it to help alleviate the financial burden put on my parents by college tuition. College has come to be so expensive over the years, and I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to pursue an academic degree without having to worry about the downfalls of not being able to afford it."

Alicia McDaniel

University of South Carolina

"I have dreams of becoming a primary physician and the aid the NBRPA scholarship provides is assisting me in bringing my career ambitions to life. This scholarship allows me to finance my graduate level education, as well as act as a source of encouragement to continue to strive to be my best in all I do. I am truly thankful of the support of the National Basketball Retired Players Association because they have made invaluable contributions to my life and others and I hope to extend the same generosity through health education and medicine to my community."

Jake McDowell

University of Memphis

"As a receipt, I plan on using this scholarship money to obtain an International business degree that will assist me in getting a job that makes me successful in life. It will help me get through college so I am able to be productive in life. I also want to thank the National Basketball Retired Players Association Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Program for this prestigious award, and I will use this scholarship money to my fullest potential." 

Tamara Richardson

Edward Via College of Medicine

"I have received this scholarship for 3 years now and I am greatly appreciative for it. As I enter my last year of Medical school, I plan to utilize the scholarship to help pay for traveling expenses and application fees as I travel for Residency interviews and send out Residency applications, which can become quite pricey."

John Rinaldi

Penn State College of Medicine

"The Dave DeBusschere NBRPA scholarship will help me cover the cost of medical books and supplies I will need for the upcoming academic year. Thank you once again to the NBRPA for the continued support and generosity!"

Samuel Roberts

Brigham Young University

"Thank you for the opportunity to receive this generous scholarship! With it I plan to pay for my textbooks, lab supplies, and other school expenses. Any excess funds will greatly assist me in expenses such as car payments and a phlebotomy class that I am currently taking."

Sophia Roberts

Brigham Young University

"Thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I will use it to help pay for my college tuition this semester."

Taryn Toolson

Brigham Young University

 "I would like to thank the NBRPA for choosing me as a scholarship recipient this year! Receiving this scholarship will help me immensely with paying for rent, class fees, and living expenses while I finish up my last year at BYU!  It will be an incredible blessing to be able to go to school and have one less financial burden to worry about. I will graduate in April with a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in TESOL, and I look forward to being a teacher!"

Evelyn Von Nieda

Colorado School of Mines

"I plan on using the scholarship to pay off my share of tuition. I believe that with the independence college provides, there also needs to be an independence financially, and therefore I am contributing to paying for school. I would love for my college experience to be more focused on academics and finding time to socialize and be active rather than constantly worrying how I will pay off loans or buy books, and I believe that with this scholarship you are providing me the opportunity to do this!"

Simon Von Nieda

University of Massachusetts

"I am honored and grateful to be a recipient of the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship.  The scholarship will help cover the costs of my Mechanical Engineering tuition as well as books and school supplies. Thank you for this excellent opportunity!"

Marcus Walker

University of Missouri-Kansas City

"I’m truly honored to be a recipient of the David Debusschere Scholarship. I can't thank the NBRPA Organization enough for their continued support and investment in my academic life as I work toward a degree in Strategic Marketing with an emphasis in Tourism & Hospitality."

Jasmyn Wilkins

Georgia State University

"With this scholarship I plan on further pursuing my sociology degree in hopes of becoming a television news anchor. I also plan on continuing to work closely within the Atlanta community through the For A Day Foundation."

Rikardo Williams

University of Tampa

"I am very thankful and blessed to be one of the recipients of the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship. It is a honor to be afforded the opportunity to attend college and pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian, and all assistance is greatly appreciated.These funds will go towards my tuition and room and board. Being the 'baby of the bunch' I have watched my siblings strive for their goals, and I am so grateful and excited to begin my journey." 

Caleb Wood

Monterey Peninsula College

"This scholarship is a true blessing and it will aid me in achieving a long-time goal of mine in being able to attend college and receive a higher education. I plan to work hard and diligently in all my classes and make good use of the financial help provided by this scholarship."