Former All-Stars Birdsong and Richardson leading Ball Stars Youth Camp

June 5, 2014

Ball Stars Youth Camp, led by NBRPA Board Chairman Otis Birdsong, Micheal Ray Richardson and prominent former NBA players Greg Minor and Anthony Goldwire, is planning to expand its partnerships in Palm Beach County by announcing the confirmation of Oxbow Corporation, The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Suffolk Construction, H.E. Hill Foundation and Office Depot as confirmed major sponsors for the 2014 season. The camp is excited to continue to build on this momentum to get additional corporate organizations and local business involved to benefit the underserved youth in the area.

Ball Stars Youth Camp is now entering its 7th year under the leadership of NBA All Stars Otis Birdsong and Micheal Ray Richardson, and is a free camp provided to underserved children and teens in the local community, including more than 500 of Palm Beach County’s youth between the ages of 8-17. Over 90% of the campers will be from single-parent and/or low-income households in Riviera Beach and Belle Glade, and this unique summer program educates youth both in basketball and important life skills. The camp sessions will be held on June 9-13, June 16-20 at Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach, June 23-27 at Glades Central High School in Belle Glade and July 14-18 at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in Palm Beach County and currently employs over 4,000 employees. The agency serves over 1.3 million citizens and covers over 2300 square miles. The Sheriff’s Office is excited to partner with the Western Communities of Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay to bring the Ball Stars Youth Camp to the Glades.

With offices in West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Myers, Suffolk Construction jumped at the opportunity to develop a robust community partnership with the camp because providing support to youth in underserved areas is core to their community efforts. In addition to financial support, Suffolk will be providing enrichment opportunities including workshops, trainings for campers, operational assistance, technical expertise and additional program resources, through its established community outreach division.

Ball Stars Youth Camp also confirmed the sponsorship of Office Depot Foundation and Office Depot has generously donated 600 sack packs so that each camper can have a special new item to go home with after camp.

About Ball Stars Youth Camp
Ball Stars Youth Camp is a free summer program whose goal is to provide underserved boys and girls with a chance to participate in their camp at no cost. In addition to teaching skills on the court, Ball Stars educates camp participants on life skills and brings in influential speakers from the private sector to connect with the kids. Entering their 7th year, under the leadership of Otis Birdsong, Micheal Ray Richardson and other prominent former NBA players, the camp has been able to grow and expand their presence to other underserved communities.