HALDEY Pharmaceutical Compounding

New York City-based HALDEY Pharmaceutical Compounding is among the nation’s leaders in the formulation of individualized custom-blended medications. HALDEY is staffed with highly skilled and trained healthcare professionals dedicated to servicing the members, and their families, of the NBRPA for all their compounding pharmacy needs. Our expertise spans many areas with a specialty in topical pain management. We were the first to institute “Step Up & Step Down” treatment therapy that either may eliminate or reduce the need for narcotic treatment for chronic or acute pain.

Our series of webinars “Living Longer - Living Better” emphasizes how topical medication therapies may provide a more enjoyable pain controlled lifestyle, and our Hormone Replacement Therapies may promote and enhance a more active lifestyle. Our team of professionals will be happy to answer any of your compounding related questions, and will help guide your physician in prescribing the best topical compounded medication for you or a family member.

Please call us if you should have any questions concerning your individualized custom compounded medication, we will be happy to answer them, or have your physician contact us for prescribing information.

9 am -7pm Mon-Friday EST
Tele: 885-426-6768 (855-H-COMPOUND)
Website: www.hcompound.com