™NuEnerchi, Inc. is a new generation Health Solutions Company offering products and services to promote healing, health and wellness. NuEnerchi’s goal is to become the premier “go to” product for all current and retired players as well as a broad spectrum of users from many different backgrounds and age groups, wanting to manage chronic pain, enhance healing and improve overall health and wellness.

The Enerchi Pro, our extensively tested device, provides a new form of therapy that generates a unique and highly effective electrical wave stimulation eWaves, that is applied in a non-invasive manner with no side effects to accelerate healing and eliminate pain. Through sharing this technology with many chronic pain sufferers, we have found great success in addressing lower back, shoulder, knee, hip, foot and ankle pain and soreness. The large number of individuals who have experienced the device’s effective and safe eWavez therapy have also attested to increased energy and more restful night’s sleep. These are keys to a better quality of life.

eWaves™, has been universally acclaimed to provide outstanding results by people with musculoskeletal problems involving pain, inflammation, stiffness and other related body ailments.

The body is a very complex organism based on proteins, chemicals and electrical currents, etc. that interact in numerous and complex ways. Eastern medicine techniques including acupuncture have learned how to stimulate the body's mechanisms and to utilize the body's "flow" paths, called meridians to traverse the body and cause needed repairs. eWavez™ uses many of these mechanisms but in a non-invasive way by delivering micro current waves resonating with those at healthy levels of the body.

eWavez™ detects and treats common body distress issues such as:

  • Damage and inflamed areas of the body
  • Impeded blood flow
  • Capillary leakage
  • Swelling of tissue
  • Muscle tension and damage
  • And accelerates the anti-inflammatory processes of the human body

The Enerchi Pro delivers a highly-optimized set of eWavez™ voltage, frequency and current conditions, to detect damage and stimulate the body's repair mechanisms.


  • Triggers anti-inflammatory processes and improves immune system
  •  Activates body’s natural healing processes
    • Stimulates vasodilation causing increased blood and lymph flow
    • Aids detoxification and reduces visible swelling
  • Restores electrical and frequency balance to the body
    • Cell membrane repair
    • Stabilization and sustained depolarization of the nerve cell membrane
  • Improves exchange between intracapillary and interstitial fluid
    • Results in an improvement of tissue absorption

NuEnerchi employs a unique product use methodology to maximize benefits to the user. NuEnerchi's product leverages touch, mobility and general conductivity to deliver healing pulses to the affected areas of the body. The Enerchi Pro can be used by an individual or by a trained professional on their client. Users report a “whole body” transformational experience.

Members can visit for more information or contact Bruce Nash, Executive Vice President Marketing and Business Development at 650 533-0214 or , Jeff Lucas, Senior Vice President Healthcare Marketing or Sam Young, CEO Members can also contact NBRPA CEO & President, Scott Rochelle at 847-736-1328 or for more information.