Hospital For Special Surgery (HSS)

The Premier Program is a personalized performance and wellness program that offers individuals a comprehensive evaluation and actionable plan that is tailored to achieve specific goals.

Every year, millions of individuals participate in physical activity. Whether the activity is social, competitive,or simply to stay in shape, exercise is a mainstay of the 21st century. However, every person and every activity is not created equally and without proper nutrition and conditioning, the constant wear and tear on the body can dramatically affect both the ability to enjoy physical activity and one’s daily life outside of sport.

The Premier Program delivers multi-specialty evaluations from world-class clinicians that lead to personalized exercise and nutrition plans to maximize performance and minimize the likelihood of injury.Participants will spend one full day at the Hospital for Special Surgery.


A comprehensive medical assessment with a highly
trained Hospital for Special Surgery physician, who
specializes in sports medicine. They will review
your complete medical history, identify any health
risk factors, and evaluate any musculoskeletal
deficiencies that you may have.

A personal consultation with our Board Certified
Sports Dietitian and Nutritionist who will help
identify the optimal nutrition plan to achieve your
sport, fitness, and health goals and fit your lifestyle.

Evaluation of the five components of fitness: body
composition, flexibility, muscular strength and
endurance, and aerobic capacity. Our clinical
specialists from the HSS Sports Rehabilitation
and Performance Center will help identify your
strengths and weaknesses then determine a
customized exercise plan suited to your lifestyle
and personal goals.

Using the most advanced technology, we will assess
your body composition using whole body dual
x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). This test will measure
your lean issue mass, bone density, and total and
regional body fat.

A 30-minute break in your day to relax and reward
yourself for the work you’ve put into the day.

A one-on-one sit down with our board certified
clinical psychologist to help identify your goals and
ways to help you achieve them.

Our sports team will meet with you to
review video analysis completed during your
Performance Evaluation and review the results
of your assessments. They will provide you with
recommended exercises, go over any questions you
may have, and discuss the best and most effective
way for you to implement the exercise plan that
they have created for you.

This portion of your evaluation may also include
one of the following:

Runner’s Performance Analysis
Designed for runners and multisport athletes of all
ages and skill levels, our analysis will target injury
prevention and performance enhancement. Our
expert and in depth analysis can detect running
mechanics that have the potential for injury, as well
as identify important factors the athlete can modify
to train more effectively and to improve running

Golf Performance Analysis
Whether you’re a novice golfer or a club champion,
these golf specific training services can improve
your game while reducing the risk of injury.