Kaplan & Anaheim Universities



In 2015 the NBRPA announced a new higher education partnership in conjunction with Kaplan University. As part of this innovative educational partnership, Kaplan will serve as the NBRPA’s preferred higher education partner and provide 10 full college scholarships to NBRPA Members in 2015.

“Education is the backbone to success in life after basketball and we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Kaplan University that will directly impact the NBRPA’s ability to assist our members in transition from the playing court into the so-called real world,” said NBRPA President & CEO Arnie D. Fielkow. “With a degree from Kaplan University, our members will be equipped with the tools to build a second career in a multitude of professional fields after their playing days end.”

Founded in 1937, Kaplan University serves adult learners through a wide array of offerings and has more than 180 program offerings. In 2014 and 2015, Kaplan University ranked among the best Online Bachelor Degree Programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Craig Collins, Senior Vice President of Kaplan University Corporate Development and Services, said, “A partnership like the one Kaplan University has formed with the NBRPA is not only a sound business decision but is also tremendously beneficial to the association’s members and the community at large.”

The NBRPA and Kaplan University will launch their innovative educational partnership at NBA All-Star 2015 in New York City later this month. In addition to serving as the NBRPA’s preferred higher education partner, Kaplan University will assist its graduates from the Legends of Basketball with relevant career service support. After launch, the NBRPA will work with its membership to find ideal candidates suited to take advantage of this ground-breaking opportunity for its members to maximize their potential in life after the game.

“Kaplan University’s expertise allows us to meet the NBRPA’s members where they are, at various stages in their life, and to assist them in reaching their educational and career goals,” added Dr. Wade Dyke, Kaplan University President.