July 26, 2017

CHICAGO (July 25, 2017) – The National Basketball Retired Players’ Association continues to deliver on its promise to help athletes pursue careers after the ball stops bouncing. In this year alone, the organization will award 73 scholarships to its membership, worth over $250,000 through the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund. This represents a 97 percent increase from just last year, when the organization awarded 37 scholarships in 2016.

The DeBusschere Scholarship was initiated in honor of the late Dave DeBusschere, an NBA Champion, All Star and NBRPA founder. The scholarship provides financial support to eligible NBRPA members, their spouses, children and grandchildren in pursuit of degrees in higher education. To date, the NBRPA has awarded members and their families more than $1.5 million in scholarships through the cornerstone initiative.

“Education is central to the mission of what we do at the NBRPA. It’s the key to the growth, development and essentially success,” said Board Chairman Johnny Newman. “We believe every member of the NBRPA and their family should have access to higher education.”

Some of the DeBusschere scholarship recipients will also receive the Earl Lloyd Scholarship. The NBA Legends Foundation, which provides assistance to players in need, will award 10 recipients a scholarship in excess of $50,000.

See below for a full list of scholarship recipients:
Sam Smith, Tyrell Aponte, University of Arizona 2021
Melvin Bennett, Savanah Bennett, California State Univ., Monterey Bay; USC MSW
Willie Burton, Jaron Burton, Houston Community College 2020
Antoine Carr, Antoine Carr, St. Thomas University 2019
Roger Brown, Jazmyn Carthen, Northern Illinois University 2021
Harvey Catchings, Bryce Catchings, University of Houston 2021
R. Steven Colter, Stephanie Colter, Florida A&M University 2020
Dave Corzine, Samuel Corzine, DePaul University 2018
Mel Counts, Patrick Counts, Chemeketa Community College 2017
Mel Counts, Kaitlin Counts, Idaho State University 2019
Jim Davis, Ryan Davis, Salem State University 2021
Acie Earl, Kenya Earl, Lawrence University 2021
Keith Edmonson, Keith Edmonson, Jr. Concordia University 2018
Brad Branson, Michaela Falzone, Florida State University 2021
Brendan McCann, Mallory Fredericks, Framingham State University 2018
Dave Gambee, Hayden Gambee, University of Arizona 2020
Dave Gambee, Reilly Gambee, University of Arizona 2021
Rickey Green, Kennedy Green, University of Illinois at Springfield 2021
Armintie Herrington, Armintie Herrington, Ole Miss 2019
Steve Hayes, Kristina Hill, College of Southern Idaho 2019
Stephen Howard, Jayda Howard, Wake Forest University 2020
Dwight Jones, Krystal Jackson-Jones, Lonestar College 2020
Buck Johnson, Jamal Johnson, University of Memphis 2021
Ernest Jones, Logan Jones, Eastern Illinois University 2021
Ashley Jones, Kelli Jones, Palm Beach State College
Ashley Jones, Samuel Jones, Florida Atlantic University 2019
Ernest Jones Shoneia Jones, University of Missouri 2018
Ashley Jones, Kaley Jones, Santa Fe State 2018
Caldwell Jones, Maya Jones, Spelman College 2019
Harold Keeling, Anthony Keeling, University of Georgia 2019
Alton Lister, Alexa Lister, Arizona State University 2019
Steve Hayes, Stefani McClanahan, Colorado Northwestern Community College 2018
Timothy McCormick, Danielle McCormick, Grand Valley State University 2019
Timothy McCormick, Timothy McCormick, Lewis University Part-time
Chris McNealy, Jaylan McNealy, University of Southern California 2018
Todd Mitchell, Noelle Mitchell, University of Kentucky 2019
Sidney Moncrief, Takisha Moncrief, Dallas Baptist University 2019
Elgin Baylor, Chayenne Monthe, Towson University 2021
Eathan O’Bryant, Elijah O’Bryant, Linfield College 2021
Geoff Huston, Liana Pachot, Southern New Hampshire University 2021
Cherokee Parks, Rachel Parks, Colorado State 2018
Eldridge Recasner, Sydney Recasner, University of Southern California 2019
Frederick Roberts, Samuel Roberts, University of Utah 2021
James Robinson, Dalia Robinson, University of Alabama 2017
Bradley Sellers, Syarra Sellers, Siena Heights University 2021
Elmore Smith, Elmore Smith, Kentucky State
Michael Smith, Karch Smith, Brigham Young University 2019
Mike Smrek, Luke Smith, Marquette University 2020
Eric Snow, Eric Javon, Snow UT Dallas 2021
Greg Kite, McKenzie Stock, Nebraska Methodist College School of Nursing 2018
Darrall Imhoff, Forest Stolk, New Hope Christian College 2018
Ann Strother, Ann Strother, Regis university 2018
Reggie Theus, Reginald Theus, Cal State University 2018
Reggie Theus, Rhyan Theus, Arizona 2020
Irving Thomas, Jr., Jazmine Thomas, Spelman College 2021
Billy Thompson, Micaiah Thompson, University of Central Florida 2021
Andy Toolson, Conner Toolson, Utah Valley University 2019
Andy Toolson, Dallin Toolson, Clackamas Community College
Andrew Toolson, Trevor Toolson, Brigham Young University 2021
Patrena Trice-Hill, Kiana Trice-Hill, Hofstra University (Graduate Level) 2018
Reagan Tripucka, Reagan Tripucka, Coastal Carolina University 2020
Jim Tucker, Jade Tucker, University of Wisconsin- Superior 2018
Stanley Von Nieda, Jonathan Von Nieda, BYU-Idaho 2018
Stanley Von Nieda, Tristan Von Nieda, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 2019
David Wood, Caleb Wood, University of Pennsylvania 2018
David Wood, Josiah Wood, Western Oregon or Alaska Anchorage University 2019
Michael Smith, Madeleine Ziering, Brigham Young University 2018
Michael Smith, Matthew Ziering, Brigham Young University 2020

About the National Basketball Retired Players Association

The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) is comprised of former professional basketball players from the NBA, ABA, WNBA, and Harlem Globetrotters. It is a 501(c) 3 organization with a mission to develop, implement and advocate a wide array of programs to benefit its members, supporters and the community. The NBRPA was founded in 1992 by basketball legends Dave DeBusschere, Dave Bing, Archie Clark, Dave Cowens, and Oscar Robertson. The NBRPA works in direct partnerships with the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. Scott Rochelle is Acting President and CEO, and the NBRPA Board of Directors includes Chairman of the Board Johnny Newman, Vice Chairman Spencer Haywood, Treasurer Casey Shaw, Secretary Nancy Lieberman, Dwight Davis, Mike Glenn, Rick Barry, James Donaldson, LaRue Martin Jr., David Naves, and Eldridge Recasner.