Member Grant Program

The National Basketball Retired Players Association (“NBRPA”) is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever Financial Assistance Grant (Grant) program to support the individual, need-based financial circumstances of its members. The purpose of the Grant is to be broad based and to cover virtually any areas needed by a former player in life after basketball.

The Grant is funded by an initial endowment of $150,000, which represents a surplus of funds from the 2015 Fiscal Year. The Grant Program will run for an initial term of Three (3) years wherein $50,000 will be awarded annually with the hope that continued revenue generation and fiscal stewardship will provide additional funding for years to come. The Grant program can be used for career transition help, medical, financial emergencies, and other needs.

“The NBRPA Board and I are very happy to launch this new grant program for the NBRPA membership,” said NBRPA President and CEO Arnie D. Fielkow. “The program represents just one more vehicle in providing more direct benefits to our membership.”

All NBRPA members in good standing may apply for the grant; however, to be deemed eligible, a member must provide his or her most recent tax return to demonstrate that their household Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) does not exceed $150,000.00. Grant applications may be submitted in writing on behalf of the requesting NBRPA member, a family representative, or a legal representative.

Grants will be approved monthly upon availability and at the discretion of the Finance, Audit, and Compensation Committee beginning April 1, 2016. A member is limited to receiving One (1) Grant, up to $1,000, once every two years. The final approval of Financial Assistance Grant application is not guaranteed and is subject to the timing of the application, purpose of the request, and availability of the funds.

To apply for a Grant, please submit applications to NBRPA Senior Vice President Scott Rochelle at Submissions will be reviewed by the Finance, Audit, and Compensation Committee beginning in April 2016.

Please direct any questions to Scott Rochelle at or (312) 913 – 9400.

To Apply for the Grant CLICK HERE