July 18, 2016

The 8th Annual Legends World Sports Conference kicked off Sunday, July 17 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Kicking off the day’s activities was the Heart Screening Exams in partnership with the NBRPA, National Basketball Players Association and NBA. The exams were exclusive to NBRPA members only.

“This heart screening program is a first step in taking a pro active approach to players healthcare,” said National Basketball Players Association Director of Sports Medicine Joe Rogowski. “We want to introduce guys with cardiologists who are here on site and from that, they are able to have a relationship with them for future instances.”

Members headed to the Tropics A&B room where they were met by professional cardiologists.

“The screenings are particularly focused on their cardiovascular health,” said cardiologist Pamela Ivey. “Here at the conference, the players were able to have ultra sounds, echocardiograms and more exams looking for any evidence of vascular diseases. Additionally, they will have labs drawn and screening for diabetes and high cholesterol.”

The screenings have already proven to be a big success.

“This program has helped us find some abnormalities with members who have participated and obviously that is very critical and important,” said Rogowski.

NBRPA CEO & President Arnie Fielkow noted during the Welcome Reception later in the night that the screening programs will go around the country to help all members. NBRPA members are thrilled with the opportunity.

“The screenings were great,” said NBRPA Board Member Spencer Haywood. “And thankfully, all my tests came out great too!”

About the National Basketball Retired Players Association
The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) is comprised of former professional basketball players from the NBA, ABA, WNBA and Harlem Globetrotters. It is a 501(c) 3 organization with a mission to develop, implement and advocate a wide array of programs to benefit its members, supporters and the community. The NBRPA was founded in 1992 by basketball legends Dave DeBusschere, Dave Bing, Archie Clark, Dave Cowens and Oscar Robertson. The NBRPA works in direct partnerships with the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. Arnie D. Fielkow is the President and CEO, and the NBRPA Board of Directors includes Chairman of the Board Thurl Bailey, Vice Chairman Dwight Davis, Treasurer Eldridge Recasner, Secretary Nancy Lieberman, Rick Barry, James Donaldson, Mike Glenn, Spencer Haywood, LaRue Martin Jr., David Naves, Johnny Newman and Casey Shaw.