December 16, 2015

Jon McGlocklin may be best known for his contributions to the Milwaukee Bucks as a player for eight seasons, where he was named an All Star and helped lead the team to an NBA Championship in 1971, but it is his contributions off the court that will leave a lasting legacy.

On the night he retired in 1976, McGlocklin founded the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund, an organization dedicated to funding childhood cancer and related blood disorder research. The inspiration to start the organization came from McGlocklin’s good friend and Hall of Fame announcer Eddie Doucette, whose two-year-old son Brett was diagnosed with leukemia in 1975.

Forty years later, Brett is healthy and happy after being given only a five-year survival rate of 20%. Brett’s success is just one of many success stories to come from the MACC Fund.

It’s a heroic endeavor since childhood cancer is often harder to detect until it is in advanced stages. The MACC Fund contributes to the raising of awareness and funds to support childhood cancer in a variety of ways, including supporting three research facilities throughout the state of Wisconsin: the Medical College of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

“For 39 years we have been dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support childhood cancer,” said McGlocklin. “As of December 2015, we have given a total of $55 million overall towards childhood cancer research which has helped childhood cancer cure rates go from 20% to 80%!”

Talking to McGlocklin, it is easy to hear the passion in his voice as he describes the mission of his organization and his desire to continue to improve on those numbers. While extremely happy with the 80% childhood cancer cure rate, McGlocklin has made it a point of emphasis to keep the MACC Fund going strong until that number reaches 100.

“We are putting on a full court press to continue to attack this disease,” said the basketball legend.

McGlocklin has plenty of help from fellow sports stars to make that dream come true. He points out how athletes from all over Wisconsin have given their time, energy, and resources to helping his fund in the organization’s 39-year history. For instance, Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers has helped raise over $2 million towards the organization in his 10-year career as a Packer and continues to work closely with them.

Along with athletes, the teams of Wisconsin also have been huge contributors to the important cause. The Packers, Bucks, and Milwaukee Brewers have all provided donations and special fundraising activities to support the MACC Fund. The Milwaukee Bucks franchise in particular has been a huge supporter. From letting McGlocklin announce the start of the fund on his retirement night to hosting special fundraising nights at games each season, the franchise has committed to supporting the cause with McGlocklin since day one and continues to work with him to do so.

So much so that McGlocklin credits them for the MACC Fund’s overwhelming success and believes that without the support from the Bucks, his passion of making a difference with the MACC Fund would have had no chance. “The MACC Fund itself is a great showcase of what the Bucks and NBA have done for us,” said McGlocklin. “They have given us a forum to truly put out our cause and I can not be more grateful.”

In order to raise funds throughout the year to support childhood cancer research, the MACC Fund holds 75-90 events a year. Events such as Candy Cane Lane, a neighborhood Christmas lighting outing that collects donations for the MACC Fund, and the Trek 100 Bike Ride, the MACC Fund’s largest fundraiser that lets bicyclists complete up to 100 mile routes that helps raise money for every mile completed, are the backbone to the organization and it’s yearly raising of funds.

With only a staff of five people, it takes a special kind of commitment and hard work to keep the fight going and McGlocklin credits his staff for being intensely involved to making everything come together.

McGlocklin wants it to be known that the MACC Fund is not simply an organization that benefits the state of Wisconsin. The success contributed to the MACC Fund helps children throughout the world. Research into childhood cancer has gone on to cities and states around the globe in the worldwide effort to fighting the disease. He is hopeful that people will continue to donate to this worthy cause, and encourages anyone who wants to help to volunteer at MACC Fund sponsored events or simply offer ideas, suggestions, or points of contact to them that they feel can further the fight on putting an end to cancer. “We are always listening,” he said. “We are always available.”

The MACC Fund is a shining example that shows former basketball players are doing well off the court in other than personal successes. The MACC Fund crosses the line of sports in all forms, and is a cause that McGlocklin will continue to fight for until the final buzzer goes off.

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