NBRPA MEMBERS: Dave DeBusschere Scholarship applications due July 15

June 14, 2013

The Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund is a flagship program for the NBRPA’s Legends Care Program. The scholarship is named in honor of the late Dave DeBusschere, an NBRPA founding member and Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame member.

The DeBusschere Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing opportunities for higher learning by awarding college scholarship money to former professional basketball players, their children, and – now for the first time ever – their grandchildren to assist in meeting the rising costs of higher education. Throughout the years, the NBRPA has donated more than $1 million in scholarship money to help students meet financial needs to further their education.

Testimonials from past DeBusschere Scholarship Recipients:

“The scholarship has been tremendously helpful to alleviate the financial stresses of continued education. The NBRPA has supported me with the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund for the duration of my undergraduate studies and continues to provide assistance as I progress as a medical student.”
– John Rinaldi (son of member Rich Rinaldi)

“I was able to take care of my rent and living expenses instead of having to work because of the DeBusschere Scholarship Fund. Between my academic studies and being a collegiate athlete swimming at BYU I didn’t have an opportunity to work. The DeBusschere Scholarship gave me the chance to focus on school as well as athletics instead of struggling to work to help pay for school.”
– Taryn Toolson (daughter of member Andy Toolson)

“The (DeBusschere Scholarship) financially put me in a position to focus on my studies without any financial burdens. The scholarship helped me stay in school because without it, I don’t know if I would have been able to stay in school due to the expenses that were beginning to pile up. Ultimately, the DeBusschere Scholarship allowed me to further my studies that made my parents proud of me for getting a chance to complete my studies.”
– Gabriell Mekhail Harper (daughter of member Michael Harper) 

“This scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to travel to Spain to broaden my educational experience. Without the money from the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund, I would not have been able to learn first-hand these cultural differences and educational techniques.”
– Kate Rinaldi (daughter of member Rich Rinaldi)

The deadline to apply for the 2014 Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund is July 15, 2013.

NBRPA Members and their families may CLICK HERE to download an application for this flagship NBRPA program.

Please contact the NBRPA National Office at 312-913-9400 with any questions about this program.