NBRPA Office Openings

We are pleased to announce to you, along with the NBRPA Board of Directors, two (2) separate employment positions available with the NBRPA National Office for NBRPA Members. We are excited to welcome NBRPA Members into the National Office! These positions include:

1) NBRPA Michael Justin Glenn Membership Internship Position (June 1 – August 31)

Click HERE for the application

2) Vice President of Membership and Player Programming (Full-time)

Click HERE for the application

These positions provide an outstanding opportunity for individuals who meet the criteria to either gain experience in sports administration and business and/or to work within the sports business field. Both positions have been approved by the NBRPA Board of Directors. The Membership Internship position is in its second year of operation while the VP of Membership & Player Programming is currently an open position.

Please note the April 1 deadline for applications for both positions. Interviews with final candidates will be conducted in April/May with both positions starting on or about June 1.
Interested candidates for either or both positions should submit the required paperwork to Arnie D. Fielkow, NBRPA President/CEO, either at afielkow@legendsofbasketball.com or via NBRPA, 175 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1600, Chicago, IL 60604.

We look forward to welcoming two NBRPA Members into the National Office!