Q&A with NBRPA Detroit Chapter President Willie Burton

May 12, 2014

A Detroit native, Willie Burton is the president of the NBRPA’s Detroit Chapter. He attended The University of Minnesota where he helped lead the Golden Gophers to the Sweet Sixteen (1989) and the Elite Eight (1990). In 1990, Burton was selected by the Miami Heat in the first round of the NBA Draft. He played nine years (1990-1999) in the NBA as a member of numerous teams including the Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and the San Antonio Spurs. After leaving basketball, Burton went back to The University of Minnesota to complete his degree. 

Burton recently joined LegendsofBasketball.com’s Marlissa Herring for a candid interview about the Detroit Chapter.

What’s new with the Detroit Chapter?

Well, We’re looking to expand in working with the three different school districts that we have here (Detroit) to work on mentorship programs with students as well as student athletes.

Why did you get involved with the NBRPA as a chapter leader?

I felt that there were opportunities for us (retired basketball players) to use our visibility to work within our communities here in the city of Detroit and bring a vast number of resources to assist the community.

What are your goals for the Detroit Chapter?

Our goals for the chapter are to be involved in community efforts and initiatives that will boost the community.

What are upcoming events for the Detroit Chapter?

We plan on having a golf outing, hosting fundraisers, and engaging with high school students as well as working with our city and state officials.

If other NBRPA Members in your area want to get involved in the Detroit Chapter, whom should they contact?

They should contact me at (313) 704-1968.