Rookie Transition Program

February 1, 2012

The National Basketball Retired Players Association’s (“NBRPA”) presence was felt this week at the NBA Rookie Transition Program held in New York.
Two panel discussions were moderated by the NBRPA Executive Director, Charles D. Smith and current Board member, Tom “Satch” Sanders.
The Legends Panel, moderated by Mr. Smith featured former players, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Alonzo Mourning, Spencer Haywood and Sam Perkins. This session educated the 2010 NBA rookie class on professionalism, media, peer pressure, family, and long-term planning. The Legends gave advice and share their past experiences to the issues that are faced throughout the careers of the NBA rookies.

Satch Sanders moderated a panel exploring some areas and some distractions that have gotten players off track in the past and put some of their valuable assets at risk.

This mandatory program is organized by both the NBA and the NBPA. This NBA Rookie Transition Program is the last of many awareness meetings for the rookies before they report to their teams for training to start their first NBA season.