Standing Above the Crowd

February 1, 2012

by James Donaldson

(Success Strategies for Athletics, Business, Community & Life)

Standing Above the Crowd is a book that will give you fantastic insights about how to “Stand Above the Crowd” vs. “Stand Out from the Crowd” ….. all without having to be 7 feet tall like your author James Donaldson.

You'll find in this book that I share a lot of success strategies and how to live a life that will continue to have you“Standing Above the Crowd”.  I share with you experiences that I've had throughout my years as a 20 year professional NBA basketball player, a 20 year owner of a small business, decades of leadership throughout various communities and a recent run towards an elected office in my hometown of Seattle Washington.

I take the approach that “anyone can do it if you try and apply yourself”.  How many times have you found yourself wanting to take advantage of an opportunity that's right in front of you, only to talk yourself out of it because you don't think you're up to the task?  I'm here to tell you, that all successful people have similar thoughts, fears, and apprehensions, but yet the successful ones continue to forge on anyway.  Successful people are not afraid to try and sometimes come up short.  Successful people don't always bat 100%.  Successful people have many failures that you don't even hear about before you finally hear about the success that brings them to our attention.

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