Undefeated: The Roger Brown Story

March 25, 2013

Check out this documentary on recent Hall of Fame inductee Roger Brown.


A gambling scandal – one he had no part of – shatters New York City’s brightest young basketball star. Kicked out of college and banned by the NBA, he spends the next six years working the nightshift at a Dayton, Ohio, GM plant before the Indiana Pacers of the rogue ABA make him their first player. He quickly becomes the most feared scorer in the new league, leading the team to three championships with breathtaking performances in the games that matter most. He becomes a city councilman, a civic icon. But he dies too young, stricken by cancer, tormented to the end by what-could-have-been laments. A once-magical name – many Hall of Famers say the "Rajah" should have gone down as one of the greatest ever – fades into obscurity. Until Now.

With stunning footage and imagery and interviews with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Julius Erving, Reggie Miller and many others, Undefeated: The Roger Brown Story brings to life one of the most amazing sports stories never told. The story of a young man robbed of his prime and his dignity, who overcame obstacle after obstacle to become an artist in the eyes of the few lucky enough to see him – and a better man for these trials. It’s a story at once tragic and inspirational and altogether human – one that viewers will never forget.