AthLife was formed in 2004 to service the education, career development, and life skill needs of athletes. AthLife’s approach is to guide the client through a process that builds skills and confidence, thus enabling them to assume control over their ongoing career development.

Currently, AthLife contracts with the NFL Players Association, The Trust (powered by the NFLPA), NBA Players Legacy Fund, and the Major League Soccer Players Union to assist their constituency with career development and continuing education needs.

"AthLife is thrilled to once again take part of the NBRPA portion of the NBA All-Star Game festivities,” said AthLife Founder/CEO Jon Harris. “We look forward to interacting one-on-one with members interested in career development and educational services, which now includes offerings for those that played in the WNBA."

Those that take advantage of the services offered by AthLife and their partnership with NBRPA and the NBA Player's Legacy Fund receive one-on-one advising from the advisors at AthLife, whose sole focus is assisting current and professional athletes with their career transition and ongoing career development.

“This includes helping sort through career options, how to leverage transferrable skills, and fundamental tasks such as resume development and mock interviewing,” said Founder/CEO Harris. “We also assist with educational advisement including assisting with degree completion plans through the former players original institution, taking courses out of residence, transferring, pursuing an advanced degree, or taking vocational or professional development courses.”

Members can visit for more information or contact them at or (631) 385-1946 about their services. Members can also contact Vice President of Membership and Player Programming Kenny Gattison directly, or call the NBRPA National Office at (312) 913-9400 for more information.