Other Programming


Purdue University Global 

Purdue University Global is a preferred higher education partner of the NBRPA. All NBRPA members and their immediate family members are eligible to:

  • Tuition Savings & Programs: Receive a 15% tuition grant on more than 180 online programs including associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and certificates, plus textbooks and course materials included in the cost of tuition
  • Waived Application Fee
  • A Shorter Path To Your Degree: On-the-job training or experience may translate into college credits. Up to 75% of your bachelor's degree can be fulfilled through prior learning credits. 
  • Military Tuition Reductions: For all U.S. service members, including Guard and Reserve, their spouses and veterans.
  • Flexibility & Convenience: With multiple start dates, you can plan classes and study time to fit your unique schedule. 
  • 3-Week Introductory Trial: As a new student, you can try classes for three weeks before you owe any tuition
  • The Purdue University Global Tuition Cap pricing on select programs and more…

An accredited degree is within your reach. Take advantage of your education benefits at LegendsofBasketball.PurdueUniversityGlobal.edu.

Purdue University Global is also available to assist its NBRPA graduates with relevant career service support. We’re here to motivate and empower you through one-on-one interaction and collaboration with employers and educators. 

Anaheim University
In 2015, Anaheim University is offering scholarships to five NBRPA Members to cover the entire tuition of a graduate program through their online university. Online is the perfect way for a public personality or celebrity to study without the usual distractions that public figures experience on-campus. At the same time, NBRPA Members have the opportunity to interact with their professors and fellow students in real-time live high-definition webcam classes. Members can attend live classes no matter where they are in the world, as computers and smartphones can both access the live webcam classes, or one may join by telephone. Unlike online programs that are primarily e-mail based, Anaheim University’s community-based programs offer a tremendous amount of interaction between students & students, and students & professors, and this has led to success rates in the 90th percentile for the majority of their programs. Anaheim’s approach has been to take advantage of the lack of geographic limitations that most on-campus institutions are faced with and to hire top professors in each subject, wherever they may reside.

Concordia University
Concordia University with physical campuses in Wisconsin and Michigan, is a preferred higher-education partner of the NBRPA. NBRPA members have access to a variety of educational opportunities at Concordia, including undergraduate and graduate degree programs, customized workshops and certification programs, professional development seminars and career training. The partnership, which offers both in-person and online/virtual learning opportunity, also allows Concordia students the opportunity to intern with the NBRPA. The NBRPA regularly communicates with Concordia’s Sports & Entertainment Business program regarding opportunities for NBRPA Members to develop professionally.

Concordia University Wisconsin, and its affiliate Concordia University Ann Arbor, are committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit. Concordia provides a variety of educational opportunities for students who are preparing for vocations in the ministry of the church and for various professional and business careers in the community. The program of studies emphasizes a liberal arts curriculum and course offerings providing educational experiences that cultivate personal and vocational skills.



NBA Players Legacy Fund
The NBRPA formed a new key partnership with the NBA Players Legends Fund, which not only provides funding for former players in dire straits, but also helps fund former player programs and provides business and educational grants to NBRPA Members. NBRPA relations with the NBA have never been stronger, as both parties are meeting regularly and collaborating on public events, community relations and former player transition programming.

This custom-designed training and development program includes regular one-on-one consultation, as well as group sessions. AthLife addresses the career transition needs of former professional basketball players, including continuing educational services, career development and other workshops. All of the services are associated with participation, disengagement and transition from sport.

The NBRPA's employment partner is Symplicity. As part of this partnership, NBRPA Members are able to browse for career advancement opportunities, upload resumes, keep in touch with recruiters, and have access to over 1,200 institutions, commercial entities, and organizations across the world. Symplicity’s CSM services have been utilized by over 11 million users, including similar peer organizations such as the NFL Player Care Foundation, Divergence Academy, the Flatiron School, Women who Code and more. In addition, the NBRPA is partnering with AthLife to provide resume assistance. All resumes must be approved by AthLife in order for players to be able to review and apply for job postings. 

Coaching Development
The NBRPA assists in the identification and selection of retired players interested in coaching at the collegiate and professional level to participate in the NBA’s Assistant Coaches Program. The goal of the NBA’s Assistant Coaches Program is to expose retired players as potential NBA coaches, assist coaches in showcasing potential NBA players and to help NBA second round picks understand their roles. The NBRPA and NBA Player Development staffs evaluate members and select candidates to participate in additional coaching development and exposure opportunities by way of the Portsmouth Invitational, Pre-Draft Camp, D-League Showcase, and more. In 2015, 20 NBRPA members have been selected to participate in the Assistant Coaches Program.


Health & Wellness Programs

SASid Inc and BWD Group,LLC
The NBRPA partners with SASid Inc, and BWD Group, LLC to provide members a Health Insurance Marketplace that is offered online at NBAalumniinsurance.com. In addition to this members-only healthcare marketplace, the NBRPA's partnership with SASid includes dedicated customer service professionals available to answer any questions about billing, claims and general product knowledge.

Hospital For Special Surgery (HSS)
The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), medical management program, in New York City will work closely with the NBRPA to provide its members discounted and specialized surgical care. Read more

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)
Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides management and marketing services to physician practices and hospital facilities that provide inpatient and outpatient services for the treatment of cancer patients, specifically including treatment of patients for prostate cancer. CTCA physicians render such services at five facilities, including Philadelphia, PA, Newnan, GA, Zion, IL, Tulsa, OK, and Goodyear, AZ. As part of the NBRPA’s partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA physicians will offer a second opinion to NBRPA Members who have a prostate cancer diagnosis. CTCA
physicians will treat five eligible NBRPA Members, for whom this second opinion results in a diagnosis confirmation.



Retired Professional Athletes Group (RPAG) Sports
The objective of RPAG sports is to provide a support system for athletes as they retire and enter life after professional sports. This is achieved by providing a variety of services to its members, including access to affiliated law firms and tax advisors.