Player Funding

The NBRPA offers a variety of player funding services and benefits to its members in areas such as education, health, finance and career changes. The NBRPA strongly believes every member of its extended basketball family should have access to higher education, regardless of his or her financial status.

The NBRPA is proud to offer the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund and the Earl Lloyd Scholarship Fund.

Established more than a decade ago in honor of the late Dave DeBusschere, an NBA Champion, All-Star and NBRPA Founder, the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund provides financial support to eligible NBRPA members, their spouses, children and grandchildren in pursuit of degrees in higher education. The NBRPA has awarded members and their families more than $1.5 million in educational funds through the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship Fund and continues to raise money in support of this cornerstone initiative.

The NBA Players Legacy Fund (Fund) provides an annual gift to the NBRPA for the purpose of providing significant financial support to low-income recipients of the Dave DeBusschere Scholarship. The Lloyd Scholarship will be available to the children and grandchildren of NBRPA members who are eligible to receive assistance from the Fund.

The NBRPA is also proud to provide the Financial Assistance Grant (Grant) program to support the individual, need-based financial circumstances of its members. The purpose of the grant is to be broad based and to cover virtually any areas needed by a former player in life after basketball. The grant program can be used for career transition help, medical, financial emergencies, and other needs.